Monday, June 2, 2014

weirdest and hardest weeks

I had the weirdest and one of the hardest weeks of my mission this week. there were so many miracles and so many heartaches I can't name them all! But I'll name a couple of each. 
So we received a referral this week at one of our dinner appointments ( members should give referrals at every dinner appointment. It helps) and we went immediately to contact her. She is a pretty young girl dating a very less active member of our ward. We went and talked to her and she was so open and awesome! We were able to teach her the restoration of the gospel but the real kicker was that she found out that her old neighbor and role model was a member of our ward! She is deceased now but it was such a miracle! I am so grateful for the amazing legacy that woman left and that she is still doing missionary work even now that she is passed! 
We also taught a woman in her 50's this week that we have been teaching for a few weeks. She is so sensitive to the spirit and is an honest seeker of truth and I love teaching her. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ but she was so hung up on the fact that we have the Dead Sea scrolls on the earth but not the gold plates, so in her mind the Book of Mormon can't be true. I was silently praying the whole time she was telling us this to know what I can say to help her feel the spirit and recognize the truth. Suddenly, it came to me! I read her the scripture in John 6 where the people are saying that Jesus can't be the Christ because they know Him and His parents. But then I showed he scripture in Matthew 16 where Peter claims that Jesus is the Christ and that God revealed it unto him. It was so awesome because I could feel the spirit testifying through me.
On Saturday I went on an exchange which really took a toll on me. I was paired up with sister Lawson again which was great! We planned a lesson that morning for a less active lady in her ward. We got to her house and pounded on the door. No answer. Her neighbor came over and said he hadn't heard from her in a couple days and he was worried because she was sick. She was 65. Being from a small town, my instinct is always to walk in without knocking, so we did and searched and called for her. As we looked around we were quite upset to find her laying on her bed in an unnatural position and not breathing. She was cold, pale, and lifeless. I couldn't believe it. The rest of the day was spent talking to police and trying to contact her family. 
I was really not prepared for something like that and when I told my ward mission leader about my experience he offered to give me a priesthood blessing. I thank God daily that He loved us enough to restore His priesthood. Later one of my best friends in the world, Elder Austin Davis from St. John's, got permission to call me. He bore his testimony of the power of the atonement and I know Christ's suffering covers everything. I am so grateful for my family and the knowledge that we can live again and be together forever. I love you all so much and I love my mission! Work hard, pray hard!
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