Monday, June 16, 2014

Dance Festival in Hillsboro this week!

President Morby, Sister Udall, Sister Morby

hello there family! 

poor baby kate! tell her i'm sorry about her ducklings and i wish the cows would've died instead.

This week has been stellar! we have just been finding like crazy! we taught a lady named Laura Taylor this week about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. it was amazing! the spirit was there so strong and you wouldnt believe how amazing this woman is. she is an honest seeker of truth and i just love her! her book of mormon is all marked up and she is always cross referencing between that and the bible. 

This weekend the entire mission came together and went to a dance festival in hillsboro. in the middle of it the director had planned for us to walk in singing  "to bring the world His truth" but he didnt tell anyone about it so it was a huge surprise. it was so awesome. 275 missionaries walked in to the gym and sang to the very people we serve. it was really cool. a lot of people were crying and they all stood and clapped a lot for us. the spirit was so strong and its times like that when i really really love being one of God's missionaries. a few ladies came up to us with tears in their eyes and told us that they have children on missions and thanked us for coming. it was such a cool experience and to top it off i got to stand by President Morby as we sang and we were on the big screen! it was weird. the camera man was all up under my face! we had 4 performances to do so we had to stay in hillsboro all day which was really fun. president morby got a wild hair and decided to let us watch the saratov approach! it was sweet! 

I wish i could tell you more about what happened because we teach so much in this area! we teach over 25 lessons a week and i only ever tell you about a few and in very small detail. theres just so much to do here that i dont have much time to email. we actually are teaching a lesson in half an hour to a lady we tracted into this week named besse so im going to have to make this even shorter than normal.

I will just tell you one more story. so yesterday we got cancelled on all day long! it was terrible. both of us were frustrated and the spirit just wasnt there. so we decided to kneel down together and say a prayer to know 1 thing that we can accomplish today. after the prayer we both had the distinct impression to visit our apartment manager, who has rejected us on countless occasions. so we went and knocked on her door and she let us right in. we started talking about her life and that led to her faith in Jesus Christ. we ended up teaching her the restoration. there is nothing that compares to sitting knee to knee with the elect, looking them in the eye, and reciting the account of Joseph Smith's first vision in his own words and then hearing the girl to your left bear witness of the savior and his actual appearance to the prophet Joseph. our apartment manager began to cry and expressed her own love for Jesus Christ. i know that this is God's church. He is a God of love, miracles, and order. the organization of this church alone bears witness of its truth. transfers are this coming week and im really stressed that i'll be leaving since ive been in sherwood for six months now. i really hope i dont! i love it here so much. anyways, i really have to go. sorry my emails are so short compared to rulons and macys! i love you all! happy birthday in a few days baby kate! work hard, pray hard!
sister udall

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