Monday, March 3, 2014

I am a witness of the hastening of the work! I don't have a lot of time to tell you about the many miracles we saw this week, but I will share a few. So there is this man named Grandpa that lives next to us. I'm not sure if I've told you about him or not, but he is the coolest guy of my life. He is 97 and still kickin' like nobody's business. He still works and travels a lot and moves faster and more athletic than I do, but who doesn't? He works for a wharehouse and has to travel for business!  It's crazy!! 

 Anyways we see him every day when we leave our apartment and every night as we come home. We just so happen to be on the same departure and arrival schedule. He is always so friendly to us and gives us journals and candy every time he sees us. We have tried to talk to him about the gospel but he's never been the least bit interested, which is strange because he always asks us to send "the boys on bikes" meaning the elders serving in our ward, over to meet him. So we referred him to the elders but since he works so much they didn't ever see him when they went over to his house. Sister Lawson and I prayed about him every night because we felt such a special connection with him even though he rejected hearing our message. So last Thursday morning as I was backing sister Lawson out he pulled up and said "where are you two honeys off to today?" And I told him the temple visitors center. He freaked out and said "you're a Mormon? I'm very interested in the Mormons! I thought you were 7th day Adventist!" So we cleared up our true religion and he went on his way. After that we didn't see him for a few days and we were so bummed! Finally on Saturday night we ran into him and he said where have you ladies been and when can I get baptized? I want to be a Mormon! So we set a baptismal date with him right there in the parking lot and we have an appointment set up to teach him tonight! He is hilarious! He calls us sister you-doll and Loveson haha real clever grandpa. Tonight he is going to give us each an oscar for best missionaries. He is awesome and so prepared! He may be 97, but God doesn't care when we arrive, so long as we do arrive and take upon us the name of Jesus Christ. I know that it is never too late! No one is a lost cause. Jesus Christ is every one's Savior. He forgave the men who crucified him, why wouldn't he forgive you? I love the power of the atonement. It is such a gift!

It has rained really hard this week and it just so happens to be the week that everyone needs service! It's been so fun! My hair has been a wavy mane all week long. We saw this woman last night at 5 moving everything from her apartment to her truck BY HERSELF! She was mid sixties and her sons wouldn't come help her cause it's an hour away. Her church wouldn't come help her because she hasn't been attending lately. It was awful! So sister Lawson and I helped her for about five hours. Needless to say, we got to know her really well. She opened up some hard things she was going through so we got to share the atonement with her. I was so thankful that God put her in our path so we could meet her and help her move.

Devon and Gerise told me they are facebook friends with you!  Ha Ha that is so awesome!  They are amazing!  I love them so much!  They bore their testimonies yesterday!  
I really love this work. I never want my mission to end! I love you all so much! Work hard, pray hard!
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