Monday, March 10, 2014

I am a huge believer in a GOD OF MIRACLES

The YW are always decorating our apartment and leaving us gifts!  Its great!

With Gabe at the visitors center

Kylee's Baptism

Mom! This week has been awesome! There are too many awesome experiences to say them all. So I'll just start by saying that Kylee got baptized! Woohoo! It was awesome! And that same day we got to go through the temple with a recent convert to get her endowments! So basically Saturday was legendary.
 That night we started a mission wide fast. President Morby is so inspired. He told us that our entire mission would fast for 24 hours to find the elect, or those that are prepared to receive the gospel and be baptized. He promised that God could not ignore the fasting and prayer of over 200 missionaries and urged us to fast for the entire mission, not just our area. So, we did. Boy howdy it worked wonders! We found a new investigator almost every single day this week. God has seen our desire to proclaim the truth and the way to salvation and has given us people to proclaim it to! I don't have time to talk about all of them but I want to highlight two awesome experiences.
 So Devon and Gerise are just on fire. They share the gospel everywhere they go. They even give people Book of Mormons on the bus! Anyways they were talking to their friend Gabe about it.  They invited him to the visitors center so we all went on Thursday night. We taught Gabe the plan of salvation inside the center and then went in the atrium in the temple. The spirit in the atrium is indescribable. Gabe wouldn't let us leave! He loved it and is going to make some changes in his life. We promised him that through the atonement of Jesus Christ all things are possible.
 The next one is Ricardo. We had this potential investigator that we found knocking doors and hadn't seen them in forever but for some reason we felt like we should go by on Saturday morning and when we did we found that they were moving to a different apartment. So we called the elders and the four of us moved them out in a jiffy. What was really awesome was that they brought their friend, Ricardo, over to help them move. He started asking us all kinds of questions and by the end of the move he was committed to church and baptism! He is so great! He's been searching for truth for so long and has gone to every other church imaginable. He came to church yesterday and loved it! It was such a miracle! I am a huge believer in a God of miracles. I know that God works mighty miracles in our lives every day. I know that fasting is a way to come closer to God so that we can receive his guidance and counsel. I also know that it shows Him the trust we have in Him and helps us earn His trust. I am so thankful for this mission and for my Father in Heaven. I love you all! Work hard, pray hard!

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