Monday, February 24, 2014


im staying! thank goodness! this week has been awesome!

so right after i finished emailing, sister lawson and i went to vacuum out the car. while we were suckin up that mission grime, this woman pulled up and said are you missionaries? and we said yes and she said sweet! when can i go to church?! i almost passed out. i had no idea things like this actually happened. turns out she had taken the missionary lessons a long time ago but her boyfriend no longer allowed them in his house. now she broke up with that loser and told us she wants to be baptized! so we will begin teaching her this week! miracles i tell you! we were really pumped. we jammed to "ye elders of israel" on the way home that night to celebrate.

the most amazing couple in the world is getting baptized in a month and they've been really struggling to quit smoking. in our ward, we are blessed enough to have elders and sisters, so we asked the elders to come and give this couple a blessing to help them. we explained that the priesthood works according to our faith and the faith of the blessing giver. i have never experienced such tangible spirit. there wasn't a dry eye in the room the second elder ogden and elder meredith laid their hands on the mans head first and then the womans. the cool part was that these elders know little to nothing about this couple, and yet the blessing was tailored to fit everything these people were going through. i know that God was speaking through them at that moment literally blessing this couple with the strength to overcome their addictions. I know that God loves them, he manifested that through the spirit in the room that day. it was simply amazing. 

we went on exchanges this week with the sister training leaders and it was really cool. sister christiansen and i tracted this random street. we were supposed to tract a different street, but im still new and don't know how to get around so i took us to a random road. but we tracted anyways and saw miracles! we were able to find a less active family that was ready to reintroduce the gospel and a non member family that had previously investigated the church and wanted to try again. its amazing how seeds that were planted thirty years ago by missionaries that are home and married are beginning to sprout. i cant be more grateful to these missionaries who tracted and worked dilligently to share the gospel. they don't even know the impact they've had!

alright one last miracle. we went to this inactive man's house that we call "grandpa Tom." he has the most beautiful property known to man! i need to go back and take pictures. he left the church when his wife died and has a hard time with the fact that God loves him. He was companions with a Udall on his mission in central america. mike or mark udall, not sure which. anyways, i was sent here for this man. we connect! he knows all about eagar and he is cowboy as they come! he showed us his property and we talked about his life. at the end we asked him to share his favorite scripture and he said its "Jesus Wept." i told him that Jesus wept because he lost a dear friend. Jesus Christ knows God's plan better than anyone and even He had a hard time when His friend passed away. Christ wept because He loved His friend and He suffered because He loves each of us just the same. we told Tom that Jesus Christ truly loves Him and grieves just like Tom does when things don't go right. i can't explain the whole experience, but both of us cried. Tom even tried to hug me! i was sad because i really wanted to hug him too! he's an awesome man and im so excited to continue helping him. our ward mission leader skiis with him every saturday and he told me that Tom talked about me the whole time on the lifts. so i guess you could say im kind of a big deal.

im pumped because its P day so i can finally buy more juice! i drank 4 things of it this week! we dont eat sugar but i think drinking it is okay haha. i love you all so much! mom, thanks for getting me out on this mission. i feel so blessed to be your daughter and i know God gave me you so that i could have these experiences and become the woman He knows i can be. i know with all my heart that the atonement of Jesus Christ is real. stay sweet folks! work hard, pray hard!

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