Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hey family!

 Sorry about last week, sister Lawson was sick and since we are the only sisters in our zone I had no one to go out with. I was stuck inside all day! Also I am no longer allowed to email back and forth. President Morby is really cracking down on us, as he should! I want all the blessings as possible for my area so the more rules to be obedient to, the better! These past two weeks have been insane! Devon
and Gerise got married! It was amazing! They had about a hundred guests there that weren't members and most of them had never been inside an LDS church before. Bishop was the one that married them
and in his talk before the "I do's" he basically taught the entire plan of salvation! It was the best wedding I've ever witnessed! 

This week sister Lawson was really sick so I had to find members to take care of her and be my companion if I wanted to go out. Luckily I am in the best ward ever and had a companion almost every single day these last two weeks! We taught so many lessons and got new investigators.
The most awesome thing is that right now we have five people with baptismal dates! I've never realized how truly important baptism is until my mission. It's crucial! And to see so many people change their
entire lives to take part in this sacred ordinance is like nothing I've ever experienced. So remember the guy Ricardo that we found three weeks ago? Well he is getting baptized! I've never seen someone so
prepared! President Morby came to the lesson with him and it was awesome to feel the spirit and set a baptismal date with a man of such power in the room! 

I wish I knew what else to say. So many things happened that I can hardly remember what was this week and what was a month ago. I've never been more tired and more happy in my life and I never ever want to leave. Transfers are in two weeks and I'm crossing my fingers that I stay in Sherwood. We have so much work going on! 

The coolest experience ever was on Tuesday we went over to some investigators with a couple of men in the ward to give them a priesthood blessing to help them overcome their smoking. He quit his job a couple days before because they kept scheduling him to work Sundays and he wanted to dedicate that day to The Lord. He is just so awesome! He was really stressed because he couldn't find any work. Well, after these men in the ward gave them blessings, brother Moore asked him if he would work for him at his flooring company and eventually take over the practice. There wasn't a dry eye in the room. Because he decided to keep the sabbath day holy and because he chose to quit smoking, he was rewarded with a career that is absolutely what he wants to do. She cried really hard and just kept saying thank you. If they didn't understand the love of God before, they do now. He truly is involved in every aspect of our lives, even if we don't see it. He loves us with a perfect love that we can't change no matter what we do. In the visitors center the first thing you see when you walk in is the Christus with Christ's arms open showing the prints in his hands. I testify that no matter what we do, his hands are "stretched out still." He longs to embrace us and to take away the things that trouble our minds and our hearts. In Him is the elixir to all of life's woes. We will still have trials and tough times, but we can have peace knowing that our Savior has been there before. I love my Savior and I wish everyone knew how to fully access the atonement and feel the love of Christ in their lives.  He is there for everyone. No one has gone far enough to be out of reach of the Savior. I love you all and I love my mission. 

Mom you asked what clothes I want. Remember the plain black dress I got at
Downeast? And remember how there was a white one just like it? I would
like that. Or anything summery. I need more summery shirts. All I have
is sweaters! I love you dearly mom. Today a family that we didn't even
know bought our lunch and I told the lady that you really appreciate
that. I am in really good hands here. I love you family! Thanks for
Work hard, pray hard!

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