Wednesday, August 6, 2014



how are you? i miss you so much! i had an AMAZING week! one of the best on my mission, despite what the numbers may say. so you know our investigator judy right? well, we set a baptismal date with her for September 6th! yay! she was so excited when we extended the date. we went over on wednesday just to make contact and confirm our thursday appointment and we told her to at least read 1 verse before our lesson the next day. when we came in on thursday she was so excited to see us and tell us of her experience. she said she took our advice and just opened her book of mormon up to a random page. that page just so happened to be 2 nephi 32: 6-8. she asked me to read it out loud, so i did and she just started crying. she said that she received her answer, she knows its all true, and wants to change her life. i have no idea why those specific verses stood out to her that much, all i know is that the book of mormon is the word of God. on saturday Peter (an investigator from my last area) got baptized, so we invited judy to come and she accepted. Judy is so sensitive to the spirit. she cries over everything, and this is coming from the girl nicknamed "crylie." i absolutely love it. the second we sat down and looked at the program she just lost it and didnt get it back for the remainder of the baptism. she kept saying "i hate these songs, they always make me cry" and "every time i get around you girls all i do is cry." ahh, i love her!
so, a little about peter: he is 89 and lived in china up until a few years ago. he was so hard to teach because of the language barrier, but the spirit speaks all languages. the day before i left sherwood we set his baptismal date and he made me promise to be there, but i wouldnt have missed it for the world! he has lived and been through so much! i absolutely love this man. judy went up to him and said "if you can do it, i can too" and peter said "you better do it! God says do it! ask sister Udall. she tell me God say do it and i read the scriptures and i do it." it was so cute! he bore his testimony and it was so powerful. peter has been to every church you can imagine, but he knows that this is God's church. Judy was able to make it to church this sunday and she also brought her son! so that was exciting. we also had a man named richard come to church this week looking for answers and we set up an appointment with him for this coming wednesday. so many things happened this week that i cant even list them all.
today we went to downtown portland for P day and it was so fun. some members bought us doughnuts at voodoo, i had the maple bacon bar, and i rode the Max for the first time ever! i even held the little rope things like the do in the movies. on our way home we met this guy on the max and talked to him forever. we talked about family and Jesus Christ and i showed him a picture of our family and a picture of cash (i carry them everywhere) and we talked about them for awhile. he asked us where we go to church so we told him and he wants to come this sunday! apparently he had been praying for answers and messengers! so that was cool. well i better let you go. i love you so much! you are the best mom in the whole wide world! oh, and happy 7 months to me this last week! can you believe it? it goes by way too fast! talk to you soon! work hard, pray hard!
love, sister udall

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