Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dear mom,
This has been the craziest week yet. We saw so many miracles! We taught more lessons last week than had been taught in that area since it opened in October so that was really exciting for us. We both knew it was probably going to be sister sparrows last week in the area so we wanted to end with a bang!

We were able to teach Richard this week. He came to church last Sunday and he really enjoyed it. We set up a lesson for Wednesday and it was our first time teaching him ever. We were able to teach him the restoration and he just soaked it up! It's funny how sometimes the truth comes so naturally to the elect of God.  At the end of the lesson we invited him to be baptized and he accepted, and then I felt prompted to extend the date of September 13th to him. I don't normally extend dates on the first lesson, but what the spirit says goes, so we extended and he accepted and was really really excited about that. He said that the date would be perfect and he has no reason to wait, he already knows what he felt in church and our lesson is from God. He is 60 years old. I absolutely love him!

We went on exchanges this week and sister Slagowski came with me to my area. We started doing this thing called member power hour where we set up an appointment with a family in our ward and we prepare a 5-7 minute lesson on faith or miracles. I like to use Mormon 9 because it's so powerful. Then we ask them to exercise their faith by praying right then and there and picking a place for us to go tracting. They always get super nervous but they come up with a street and we go and work our butts off for the next hour and find as many people as we can to begin teaching. Once the hour is up we go back to the members and report all the miracles we have seen, and let me tell ya, every time we've done it we have had great success! Then we invite the members to pray for those we met by name and to join us for their next lesson. On the exchange we did this with one of my favorite families ever! They are Hawaiian and they always feed us really good food. Anyways, we had a member power hour at their house and the wife felt super inspired to have us tract her apartment complex. So we did and we found a few potentials but the real miracle happened on the second floor. We knocked on this lady's door and started talking with her about life and eventually led into the gospel and the restoration.  She was hesitant at first but finally she let us into her home to teach her, her husband, and their two sons. MIRACLE! Getting let in was huge but the fact that it was a whole family blew my mind. We taught them the restoration and parts of the plan of salvation and Megan really loved it. We set up a return appointment for Saturday so that will be sweet!

We had a really funny experience at the home of one of my favorite people ever! So she was breast feeding her baby during the lesson and all the sudden she decided to see how far she could shoot her breast milk, so she started squirting it near sister sparrow and I! Haha I couldn't believe I was being sprayed with breast milk. Missions are so weird. They need a TLC show about us. They can call it tracting wars or something.

So Saturday was the day we get transfer calls and to mine and sister sparrows shock, I am the one who got transferred. I was so sad! The area just barely started picking up and then I had to leave. I have come to love the people in aloha so much. I didn't think it could ever get better than Sherwood, but I've realized that I'm going to love all my areas. I'm now serving in Gresham up near mt hood with sister Larsen, she's from Brigham City, Utah. She's great and I'm excited to be here, even though I will really miss aloha, especially the family I lived with and the many people I was able to teach. Oh, and elder Austin Davis went home to St. John's today so I hope his family enjoys him because the people of Oregon sure did! Well, I love you all very much! Work hard, pray hard!
Love, Sister Udall

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