Monday, August 18, 2014

Loving it in Gresham

dear mother,

hello all the way from Gresham! i cant believe i got the ax, but i must say i am super happy to be here up near the beautiful mt hood. yes dad, its in oregon. i cant believe you went to elder davis's homecoming! that is so weird to me.
we had a really great week here in the walters hill ward. we are teaching this woman named Lois. she's in her 70's or 80's and she is completely blind and a little deaf. i am learning so much about the importance of teaching by the spirit because nothing else gets through to her. we taught her this week about the priesthood and why its so significant that it was restored to the earth. every time i teach about the priesthood my gratitude for it grows. i know that the power of the priesthood is real and i know that it is found in this church because i know with all my heart that this is Christ's church. He told me Himself through the power of the Holy Ghost. its His church, He stands at the head of it. i know it. anyways we taught her about that and invited her to be baptized and she accepted! she is really nervous about going under water though since she cant see, hear, or walk. i know that this will be a challenge for her but what an act of faith! she was telling everyone at church that she is getting baptized and she is super excited about it.
something else happened that was pretty crazy, i met Rachel Poche's cousins! they are in my ward! and i cant remember their names for the life of me, but i'll figure it out and let you know. i was pretty pumped about that.
we had the opportunity this week to clean a Free Mason Lodge and it was a lot of fun. they took us on a tour of the lodge, which is similar to a temple. they asked us to play and sing a song for them on the piano so our entire district sang praise to the man. the spirit flooded the room. by the end of the service day the members of the lodge were super interested in what we believe so we taught them as a distrct and invited them to the new testament class that we hold every tuesday and they agreed. so it'll be great to see them all there tomorrow
we see a lot of miracles every day and its hard to pick what ones to share but i thought that those ones were pretty cool. i am blessed to be serving in this beautiful corner of the world and to be surrounded by the elect. oh, and are we related to morris udall? and if so, how? i get asked that every day of my life. tell baby boyee happy birthday. my birthday is on thursday this year too so we are birthday twins.  and happy birthday to kendall, she is going to love her mission. i love you all very much! work hard, pray hard!

supa dupa fly sista u

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