Monday, April 7, 2014

Earthquake last night

Hey mom and Dad!
Goodness gracious this has been quite a week! I have been really stressed these last two weeks because Devon and Gerise just got baptized and I felt like we needed to do some serious finding to get more people to accept the invitation to be baptized. Sister Lawson and I have prayed and fasted a lot for specific dates to set with our investigators and that the people will accept them! This week we were able to set 3 baptismal dates!! It was awesome! So first off, Josh is an investigator we started out teaching on Facebook but we now teach face to face. He is awesome and very founded in the bible. This week we taught him at Devon and Gerise's house. It was gold! We taught the restoration and invited him to be baptized on May 10th and he accepted! It was so cool to hear Devon and Gerise bear solid testimony of how they came to know the Book of Mormon is true and how that knowledge helped them make changes in their lives. I feel like a proud mom even though they are both older than me haha.
So on Saturday we watched the first session of conference with Josh at Devon and Gerise's and it was crazy when President Eyring said "some of you were invited to watch conference by missionaries. Some of you have baptismal dates set with them." Josh said "he's talking to me!" It was awesome! We also set a date with Alex and Micah, the couple that got married in order to keep the law of chastity, for the 19th of April.
We taught them the law of tithing and they are so pumped to give their ten percent to the Lord! They keep asking when and who they give it to. They are just so prepared. I love this gospel so much. 
I loved every bit of conference! It was awesome to watch with investigators and see them gain a testimony of modern day prophets and revelation. I know God speaks to us today. It'd be hard to believe that He loves us if He completely stopped guiding us like He has always done. It was awesome to listen to elder Ballard follow up with the world on our missionary work! That man is super awesome and is so pumped up about the gathering of Israel! I hope his son is just as enthusiastic when he becomes our new mission president.
Baby Hunter is so cute! Pinch her cheeks for me! I lover her already!
And why did dad have shoulder surgery?! What a nancy!
Also thanks for the package! I needed it! And the sugar fast is over!
Devon and Gerise are baptized now so that three months of torture has finally come to an end! I love you all so much! I would just like to echo elder Ballards challenge to invite people to go to church and be taught by the missionaries! The joy of seeing the spirit testify to them of the truthfulness of this gospel is unlike anything you will ever experience! And yes we had an earth quake! It was a little sketchy, but it only lasted a few seconds. It was a 3.something.
Anyways, love you! My address is 1400 NW Compton Dr ste 250 Beaverton, OR 97006. If that doesn't work, call sister Ferguson and complain!
Give her a hard time. No I'm kidding, she's sweet. But I'm bummed my mail is messed up! Sorry I'm really going now. Love you! Work hard, pray hard!

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