Monday, April 28, 2014

Sister Nicoll came to visit Me!!!

I had the greatest week! So, as you know, Sister Nicoll came and found me! It ruled! So here's the story.
Sister Lawson and I work with a 23 year old girl who is seriously the most gorgeous and hilarious girl ever. Remind you of anyone you know? (Me) anywho, she has been taking the missionary lessons for like 14 years. Her dad is a member, her mom is not, but they are the coolest people of my life. They're the ones that got us the San Antonio shirts. The dad reminds me of a mix between Robin Williams and Clint Eastwood. We absolutely love them! They are family to me! Anyways, sister Lawson and I were doing weekly planning and deciding what we should do to help this girl to progress. We fasted and prayed for 24 hours and studied super hard for the lesson we were planning to teach her that night. We both felt strongly that we should invite her to be baptized this coming weekend. That's nuts right? We were way nervous and rather skeptical but we decided to trust God, who has ALWAYS been a God of miracles. He can part the Red Sea, so I'm pretty sure He can testify to this young woman that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true right? So we taught her lesson one and had the most powerful lesson of my entire mission! She's heard this lesson countless times, but for some reason God had this specific time planned to be a turning point in her life. She accepted to be baptized and is pumped to do so! Her dad was crying, this was a long time coming. It was amazing! After we left we jammed to MOTAB all the way home!
As we walked up to our apartment there was a creepy white car parked right outside our door and the lady inside had her phone hanging out the window as if she was recording us. It took awhile for me to recognize that it was Amanda Bedford! Seconds after spotting her I saw sister Nicoll, the worlds greatest young woman's leader/ handbag saleswoman! I hugged her probably fifty six times. It was so exciting to see her! It made me so incredibly happy, especially because I got to tell her about the baptismal date we were able to set with one of my best friends!
So many awesome things happened this week, but I have to have a nerd war with my district so I don't have time to tell the rest. I hope Goodes is okay! Oh, and the picture of me in the tree is from when a member was teaching us parcore. It was so much fun! Anyways, I love you all dearly! Work hard, pray hard! 
Sister Udall
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