Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter

Hi mama!

Easter was quiet huh? Mine was the exact opposite! I had the best Easter of my life for quite a few reasons! I have zero time to type this because our zone is spending p day together so I am supposed to be leaving for that right now. But they can wait cause I need to talk to my mom! 

So anyways, this week was nuts! Micah and Alex got baptized on Saturday but that was a roller coaster of a day. The baptism was scheduled for 11 for Alex and Micah and their cousin Alec who the elders have been teaching. We told them to gopher at the church by 10:30 to get changed and take pictures and all that jazz. At 9:30 sister Lawson and I both felt we needed to call them and remind them to bring towels, but we couldn't get ahold of anyone! We called the entire family and no one was picking up! Finally at 10:15 we get a call from Crystal, Micah's mom, telling us that Alec's mom came and took him and he is no where to be found! On the day of his baptism! But she said that the show will go on and Alec could be baptized another day. 

So we got everything prepped for the baptism. 10:45 rolled around and they still hadn't showed. We called everyone and finally found out that Alex was now missing too! So we went searching for her. I've never prayed so hard in my life. I kept thinking she's so ready for baptism this doesn't make sense! The entire ward was out searching and so was President and Sister Morby. Finally someone found her walking in the pouring rain with a bunch of grocery bags. I guess she thought the baptism was at 2 not 11 and she went out to get some cat food haha.

So we all went to the church and the baptism proceeded, a little behind schedule, but it happened! Day before Easter, I couldn't think of a better day to be baptized! Easter Sunday would've been their confirmation, but satan decided he wasn't taking the holiday off and caused some real trouble which resulted in Micah and Alex not being able to get work off. We were so bummed! But they're getting confirmed next week :) 

Church was awesome! We had 6 investigators and countless less actives attend one of the most beautiful Easter programs I've ever seen! It was amazing. Our favorite part member family went to Texas this week and got us shirts from San Antonio so that was awesome! It was one of the greatest weeks of my mission by far.

I am so humbled to think of the true meaning of Easter. I am eternally grateful for the atonement and resurrection of Christ. I know that because He lives, we can too. Because of His sacrifice we can be reunited with our families and be cleansed from all sin and heartache. The idea sounds far fetched, but through sincere study and prayer I have come to know that these things are reality. I know that God lives and He loves us enough that He sent His only begotten son to atone for our sins. I know Christ loves us equally and is already preparing a place for us in the Kingdom of God (John 14:2) because He has gone through all we go through and knows we can overcome our trials and shortcomings and make it back to Him. I love you so much family! Work hard, pray hard! 

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