Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dear Mom,

Hey! How's the family? I'm doing great! Things are bumping here in Aloha. We had some awesome experiences. We did some tracting and we found this lady that had just moved here from Iraq! It was sweet. We prayed about where to go and felt really impressed to tract a certain cul-de-sac and we found her! She was so excited to see us and welcomed us right in. We taught her all about the Book of Mormon and about Jesus Christ. She was so sweet and really appreciative of us being there. We wanted to stay longer but we felt impressed to visit this recent convert, so we did. She started crying when she saw us! She had prayed us over that day. She didn't want to ask us to come because she knows we're busy so she asked God to send us. She was going through such a hard time and we had the opportunity to help her which I was so grateful for.

So last week we had a had a competition to see which zone could pass out more book of Mormons. We passed out 216 and we still lost! It's amazing how fast the Book of Mormon is spreading!
It's the word of God though and I know that all men will have the opportunity to read it. I hope they do read it because it's the best and most effective way to come close to our Heavenly Father. The elders in the ward had an awesome and funny experience this week. There's a lady in our ward that is super close to the spirit. She prays every day to know who she can serve that day. One day she felt impressed to bring the elders meat and they were in need of it. Elder snow was telling elder McKee that story and elder McKee, jokingly, said well I've never met her, I hope she feels impressed to bring us something. A few days later she showed up and said she felt impressed to bring them a watermelon! Haha this lady is so sweet! Well that's about all I have today. I miss you all a lot! Love you so much! Work hard, pray hard!
Love, sister U

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