Friday, February 27, 2015

January 19, 2015

Dear Mom,

We have had quite the week! So I might've told you this last week, but I don't keep records of what I have and haven't told you, so this may be a repeat of a story you've already heard. So ha know how I get lost often? Well, that is one thing on my mission I have not been able to change thus far.

So on Monday we we supposed to be driving to the library in westlinn, but somehow I ended up in tualatin, so we just went to the library there. We sat down and starting emailing when this guy came and started eyeing the badge. He wasn't shy about it either! He was breakin his neck to read them! Then he asked if we were Jesus's sisters. We said yes and he asked if we could meet him in the mystery section at the table in 20 minutes. Seemed to be equal levels of odd and intriguing, so we waited for him there. He came over, addressed himself as Leo, and started asking questions and asked if it was too late for him to come to our church. Of course not! So we gave him our number. It was cool to see that God needed us in tualatin at that time. Getting lost pays off! We had a really sweet lesson with our Japanese investigator this week. We went to the visitors center with her and it was so sick! We had a member there that spoke Japanese to translate just in case, but the VC is awesome because the Christus statue and a lot of the videos and displays can be played in Japanese, so we listened to a few of them. She loved the Christus and said she felt peace in her heart, but what was even cooler is when we watched the restoration in the little theatre. She loved it! She said she was "moved" that her "heart felt like fire" and that she knows the Book of Mormon " is something very special." It was an insane miracle. People, do you understand what this means? She gained a testimony that God speaks to prophets just like He has always done! Isn't that amazing? Such simple doctrine and yet it is so crucial to our testimonies. Anyways she wants to be baptized and we are so excited for her! She's amazing and the spirit was so strong in her lesson, even though I couldn't understand a word of the Japanese things being said.

Ahh we had too many miracles this week I don't know how to consolidate them all into this tiny little email. I love being a missionary. Missionary work is the greatest work of all time. I know that you know it but I hope  you can feel it, and if you don't feel it then start doing it. Confirmation will come. It always does. You are the greatest family ever.

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