Tuesday, January 7, 2014


One fast Sunday down, 17 to go. I feel like my mission is flying by already and I'm really sad about that. i really just love the MTC. my companions are Sister Porter and Sister Gunnell. They are both stunningly gorgeous and spiritual powerhouses! We get along so well and I have so much fun with them. I love my entire district! We've become so close!

 Last night sister Gunnell's mom sent her a package with Dr. Peppers in it so our whole district sat outside and had a "drink" together after a long hard day of teaching investigators. When i say teaching investigators, that's exactly what I mean. Last night we taught a real investigator! AHH! I was so nervous. I paced around the entire attendance hall and jumped and made noises and crouched down and almost died. Luckily I survived it though and the lesson went pretty well.

 The lady we taught is very religious and has a clinical fear of Mormons. When i asked why she decided to meet with the missionaries she told me that I ask weird questions and she doesn't trust me. hahaha I was laughing so hard. she opened up towards the end and I'm excited to teach her again on Wednesday. Our other investigator, Peggy, committed to baptism! This one is fake and we've been teaching her every day since I got here. role playing this stuff is hard but it is so good for me. I've learned to really rely on the spirit cause when I just say whatever I want I'm not very convincing, but when I say what God wants, the spirit is overwhelming.

 I have only met one kid that knows where Eagar, AZ is. He's related to the Turley's and he agrees that we have the best DQ on the planet. Oh and one of the Elder's in my district says his Grandma knows me and we're meant to become best friends and she showed him my picture and everything. That would make sense cause I'm much better with old people. I swear I was born in the wrong generation.

 Anyways, I am the sister training leader in my zone. how in the world am i supposed to train anyone to do anything? I'm the worst at everything! haha my companions make fun of me cause I still don't know how to get around and tomorrow i have to tour the new missionaries. I'm gonna get so lost.

By the way, congrats Jason! I'm so proud of you and I love you to pieces! I wish I could give you a hug right now but that would just be wild of me cause I'm a sister missionary now!

The MTC is so cool because the sisters get treated so well. I've made a lot of friends going a lot of different places but I still haven't seen Elder Wilson yet!

This experience has really helped me to see the importance of missionary work. Our purpose is to invite others to come to Christ because that's exactly what He would be doing if he was here on the Earth. This is His work and it is the most important thing in the world. These truly are the last days. Though i feel inadequate, I keep reminding myself that God saved us for the last days for a reason. Do not delay. feast upon the words of Christ, become converted, "and when thou art converted, strengthen they brethren." We are the anchors in the race of life, so give it your all and finish strong! I love this Gospel so much. I have come so much closer to my Savior and i know that He loves each one of us.

Thanks to mom and Christie for the DearElders. in my district they all think im the one who never gets any mail so I'm grateful that we proved them wrong with your letters! I love and miss you all, but not nearly enough to come home!   

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