Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I love it here in Sherwood City Oregon!

Sister Udall and her first companion in Oregon Sister Lawson

Hello Family,
I just barely got to get on! hopefully she'll let me stay awhile. i made it to Oregon! it has been so crazy and so awesome. The plane ride was a little scary but i soon overcame that haha, but the second I stepped off the plane we were greeted by President and Sister Morby! they are so awesome and hilarious! I can already tell they're going to be my best friends on this mission.
They picked us up and first thing we did was go to the temple. My goodness it was somethin' else! I couldnt believe how beautiful it was! and the trees all around it are so huge and green and piney. I loved it. we went into the visitors center and watched a movie and then took some pictures. I would send them to you but I forgot my camera back at the apartment.
Anywho after that we drove to the stake center where we had lunch and met our new companions. mine is sister Lawson. She is from Utah, big surprise there huh? but she's really cool. she's been out for about 9 months and she is so popular in this mission. Everywhere we go people fawn over her. So yeah, we get along great!
I got to see elder Austin Davis! he's from St Johns and is like a brother to me! His cheeks have gotten chubby but he's so happy and everyone loves him too!
President Morby sat all the new missionaries down and gave us each a Book of Mormon and said we needed to place it by Thursday. I decided that I really wanted to place it that night, so on our way to meet my new bishop, I asked sister Lawson to stop the car and I knocked on my very first door! and guess what, this guy is awesome! He just finished reading the bible and has been looking for more to read about Christ. we even set a return appointment with him! I bore my testimony and then we left and mysteriously as we came.
We then met so many people in the ward I cant even tell you half their names but they're all so great! I can already tell I'm going to love this ward. Today we had a lesson with D and G. they seriously rock. It was the third lesson and they're already planning their wedding so they can be baptized. They're so legit.
I feel so loved here. I wish I knew what else to say! I just love you all so much! thanks to mom, Stella, Aunt Beaker, Kenny Cakes, Aunt Renee, Christie, and everyone that has taken the time to write me! I really appreciate it and it is such a strength to me.
Oh, In the MTC they asked everyone attending our sacrament meeting to prepare a talk on Enduring to the End.  They chose a Sister and an Elder randomly during the meeting to give the talk they had prepared.  The Bishop called my name to give the talk I prepared.  It was scary giving a talk that everyone in the congregation had also prepared.
For all you future missionaries, read Alma 26. I did the night before I came and it got me so pumped to do missionary work! I love this gospel so much. I know that families can be together forever and I am especially grateful for that knowledge this week. I know that Tell is in the care of our father in heaven and he is as happy as he can be. I know he's making everyone in heaven laugh just like he did on earth. I know that his pinky is whole again. He has such a great family.  I love Uncle Bobby and Aunt Marcie so much.  I love BJ and Tona and Steven and Laci and Kenzie.  I hope they know how much I love them and how they have helped me so much.  They are always so good to me and have made me feel loved. 
I love you and Dad so much Mom. I miss you really bad but i am in really good hands here so don't worry about me. I saw Elder Wilson this week and Chantel Udall so that was way wicked sweet. I was sad to leave the MTC cause I made so many friends there but I feel blessed to be here in Sherwood City, Oregon.

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